Teachers Across The World was founded and created by Dr. Gretchen Jones Torbert, Ph.D., CHLC in 2015.  As an educator, with over 20 years of experience and is an author of over 75 books, Dr. Gretchen wanted to help others develop the love and enjoyment of writing and reading.  "I am a GOOD Reader" was birthed after spending countless of hours helping her own children to love reading and now her mission is to help others enjoy the same journey. 

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"Perseverance is more that an accomplishment, it is a destination, predetermined by favor, faith, and when a persons work is put in to motion." Dr. Annette Lyons

(Atlanta, GA)

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"Teaching is a career where it is okay to borrow ideas. It's a life long learning experiment."

Dr. Donyalla Manns (Stockbridge , GA)

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"Connecting with other educators inspires me to become successful in my

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Joyce Turner (Houston, TX)

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